Platonic Metaphysics and the Path of Wisdom.

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If you walk down the street and you ask people about Christianity, they are familiar with the topic usually in some way, if you are in a western culture. Even in the west, or the developed nations, people are becoming more accustomed to hearing about matters such as yoga, Buddhism, or Hinduism. They might have thoughts or ideas about religion and/or spirituality when questioned about these subjects. Now ask them about Platonic philosophy. More often than not, if they even know who Plato is, they will put it in the category of philosophy. But here in lies the problem in our culture and with our educational system. We have been taught a great lie: For in Reality--True Philosophy is True Spirituality and the quest to know and master thy Self is fundamental to all wisdom traditions, including Platonic Philosophy.

We need to stop ignoring our rich, insightful past, and begin a rebirth in our culture and the Self. For to deny the wisdom of the Platonic system, as a profound dialectical method, affording inquiry into and obtainment of Godhead is to deny one's own Self.

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