Mao The Best TUK-TUK driver in Cambodia.

tuk tuk cambodia great honest kind driver

In a country like Cambodia, especially if you have never travelled it before, transportation within the city is one of those key aspects and there are tuk-tuk taxi drivers on every single corner always asking you if you need a tuk-tuk. It can be overwhelming especially if you are not used to it, or honestly, even if you are used to it. It is therefore helpful and important to meet the right Cambodian people that you can trust and my tuk-tuk driver is one of them so I want to introduce you Mr. Chira Mao (Phone #067 726 752). (If you are dialing to arrange anything outside of the country then you dial the Country Code +855 then drop the 0 at the beginning.)

mao tuk tuk driver kind honest friendly

I have known Mao for many years and he has always been trustworthy, kind, and helpful. These things can be difficult to find sometimes in a world of tourism where everybody wants to get your money. And the other day when I had to suddenly look for new housing I was so happy to see him because I needed someone I could trust in the moment.

I am happy to say he hasn’t changed a bit except for his baby is growing healthily and quickly. He comes into Phnom Penh from the province to drive his tuk-tuk and makes the money he can to take back to his wife and child. He always has a smile and a great attitude which is hard for me to believe sometimes as a Westerner when I think about how entitled we act and feel in the West and how much we take for granted.

mao tuk tuk driver kind friendly honest real price

And so if you come to Phnom Penh, make sure you contact him to take you wherever you need because he is a great all around person and will take care of you without ripping you off.

Aum Namaste Aum. 



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