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The Significance of Eternal Being (Ousia) vs. temporal being (einai) in Platonic Metaphysics

By wisdomlover | May 7, 2017

When contemplating the Ultimate Nature of Reality we must approach from the highest vision available to man. If you have traveled and contemplated thus far in this lifetime to catch sight of the Idea of the Good then this distinction will be easy to grasp. For those who haven’t we will try to make it…

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Mao The Best TUK-TUK driver in Cambodia.

By wisdomlover | January 31, 2017

In a country like Cambodia, especially if you have never travelled it before, transportation within the city is one of those key aspects and there are tuk-tuk taxi drivers on every single corner always asking you if you need a tuk-tuk. It can be overwhelming especially if you are not used to it, or honestly,…

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The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism-from a Platonist: Can you spot the similarities?

By wisdomlover | December 30, 2016

Buddhism has had a long history that scholars have tried to understand for some time.  Looking at the history of Buddhism one sees many different and diverse branches or developments within the tradition.  The two major traditions are Hinayana (the lesser vehicle) and Mahayana (the greater vehicle).  They are very different; however, the different traditions have…

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My Journey Through the Ox Herding Pictures: Looking for the Ox, Picture 1

By wisdomlover | December 10, 2016

Recently, my guru Pierre Grimes, has been encouraging the Noetic Society to revisit and update the famous Ten Ox-Herding Bull pictures and commentaries. The ten ox-herding pictures illustrate the stages of practice leading to the enlightenment at which Zen (Chan) Buddhism aims and highlights the dramatic journey that we all travel in the quest for enlightenment in which the true Self is…

Traveling London’s British Museum: Admiring What The Thieves Stole.

By wisdomlover | November 15, 2016

Traveling London is full of history at every turn. When you grow up in the United States, it is valuable to go and visit the motherland, to get an idea of where the country came from. Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Eye are all a great diversion for tourists and great to look, especially…

The Meaning of Words: A Platonic understanding of Logos.

By wisdomlover | October 26, 2016

The Meaning of Words: A Platonic Understanding We live in a world today where, unfortunately, we have forgotten that words have meaning. Even worse is the curious fact that there is a war on “meaning” itself with such maxims as “It Is All Relative.” This “meaning” is important to understand for a Platonic Philosopher on…

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Happy To Participate

By wisdomlover | September 22, 2016

HAPPY TO PARTICIPATE Although Plato and/or Socrates never gave a formal account of participation, I do agree with Socrates and say that Beautiful things only become Beautiful by the presence of Beauty itself. Unfortunately when he said this he did not give a model of participation. We have been left with the mystery to ponder and…

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Platonic Metaphysics and the Path of Wisdom.

By wisdomlover | September 21, 2016

If you walk down the street and you ask people about Christianity, they are familiar with the topic usually in some way, if you are in a western culture. Even in the west, or the developed nations, people are becoming more accustomed to hearing about matters such as yoga, Buddhism, or Hinduism. They might have…