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The WisdomLover Experience Podcast Episode #1

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The WisdomLover Experience Podcast Video Episode #3


The WisomLover Experience Special Mother's day show. I discuss mainly how my mom died in my arms from chemotherapy and the immortality of the Soul with respect to Plato's Phaedo. I also talk about Pierre Grimes my Guru and the translation that I use which is from Juan and Maria Balboa. Enjoy the reflections.


WLE Episode 5

In this episode I come across JP Sears from an episode from the #mindrolling podcast network through the work of #RamDass. So I had to take a look and do a reaction video. I do respect him and don't think he is full of BS so I give him props and had a good time and great fun reacting. Thank you #awakenwithJP #wisdomlover


In this episode of the WisdomLoverExperience Podcast I deal with the reaction of the reaction of my step dad to my Mother's death and I dealt with a reaction to JP Sears video on how to be Ultra Spiritual. This is a very serious video and deals with the meaning of life and death where as the other one was a bit of a true joke reaction video just as he had done but my step dad pointed me out to this video and so I had no choice. To all those who have "lost" a loved one this one is for you. Aum Namaste Shivaya Aum. For some reason the words "Let the force be with you" come to mind but regardless of how you see and understand the Ultimate Nature of Reality this is Absolutley Fundamentally Real; you were born and you will die, but what was born was not you and what will die is not you. Figure it out and wake up from your sleep which you think is awake. 


@mandyharvey is an amazing person and inspires us to remember what is important in life and death. That the human spirit triumphs no matter what the illusion of death tries to cast upon us.


The meaning of Life and Death Shines through once again with this lovely lady who was born with no arms and yet still shows the world what can be done with the Heart to Heal the World. Aum Namaste Shivaya Aum to you Lorelai Mosnegutu. You are an inspiration to the meaning of all Life and Death and for that I bow at your feet with Wisdom and Gratitude.


The meaning of Life and Death in just a few moments from #wisdomlover #knowthyself #pierregrimes #divineguru

The Wisdom of my spiritual guru Pierre Grimes comes out of the and in this video he talks about, and I react to, his relationship with Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts and what it takes to be a real WisdomLover.
In this video I react by request from a subscriber to an Meaning of Life Islamic Spoken Word Poet who has some profound wisdom and I am hoping he sees that Wisdom is not owned by any particular spiritual tradition but rather by all of them. We need to read and understand all languages and systems in order to compare and contrast the Wisdom and come to a profound conclusion about our own Evolving and Existence. Aum Namaste Shivaya Aum
In this video from the Wisdomlover Experience @ I react to the Greatest Woman from the Talk Islam Spoken Word. I talk about sufiism and sunnah and Platonic Philosophy and the meaning of life and death and about the awakening of the spiritual journey. Love and Compassion. Namaste.

In this video as a Platonic Philosopher I deal with the ultimate test of spirituality of your mom dying in your arms and doing it from a comparative and contrastive approach to wisdom and the Eternal Knowledge that allows to get off the cycle of Birth and Death. #wisdomlover from and